We provide energy reduction measures combined with Indoor Air Quality and Monitoring Systems and Leveraged Energy Programs for your facility all while being a Trade Ally provider for Utility Companies’ Efficiency-Incentive programs.

How We Work

Our well-trained technicians at M3 are here to provide services for your HVAC systems, whether due to issues or an upgrade. We offer concierge-level appointment service and tailor service contracts to meet your personal needs.

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Terms of Service

General HVAC Repairs & Maintenance

Our well-trained technicians at M3 are available  for any supplemental maintenance and repair issues for your HVAC systems. We replace older, energy-wasting systems with new efficient  models selected especially for your facilities. We offer concierge-level appointment service and tailor service contracts to meet your needs.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

This device controls the Hertz. It raises and  lowers to meet the demand of the HVAC system. VFD runs at lower hertz during times when the facility occupancy is less populated. Lower hertz allows the system to maintain temperatures in larger spaces without the high energy load.
VFD also qualifies for Entergy, SWEPCO, and OG&E incentives. It can be installed on units 7 tons and larger. Some cost to the customer may be incurred to cover equipment cost not covered by Incentives. Larger units  (25 tons and over) typically do not incur a cost. VFD reduces energy consumption up to 50%  per HVAC unit.

Refrigeration Gaskets

Door Gaskets for Walk-in and Reach-in
Coolers and Freezers Installation

Does your facility have a walk-in or reach-in cooler or freezer with old,worn-out, defective door gaskets? You could be hemorrhaging energy! Gaskets need to be replaced as needed for maximum efficiency. Through utility company incentives with Entergy and SWEPCO, we provide installation of door gaskets on walk-in coolers and freezers at no cost to you, the customer! 
This measure reduces the refrigeration load associated with the infiltration of non-refrigerated air into the refrigerated space. Additionally, the reduction in moisture entering the refrigerated space also helps prevent frost on the cooling coils. Replacing defective door gaskets reduces compressor run time and improves the overall effectiveness of warm air removal from any refrigerated cabinet.

Tight fitting gaskets inhibit infiltration of warm, moist air into the cold refrigerated space, reducing the cooling load. Decrease in moisture entering the refrigerated space also prevents frost on cooling coils. 
We customize new gaskets for any refrigerated cabinet. Grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, hotel kitchens, and refrigerated warehouses- contact us today!


Special Projects Lead

WIth 30 plus years of lighting and electrical experience, Mark began his career in Reno, Nevada in1982 with Recognition Equipment Inc. He specialized in servicing and maintaining an electro/mechanical transport system and mainframe computer control system for high speed check processing equipment in the Banking Industry for 10 years. In 1992, he joined Have Lights Will Travel where he served as Field Technician, Service Manager, Purchasing and Warehouse Manager, and Sales Manager over a 30 year period in the Lighting/Electrical Industry.


Mark currently holds a Journeyman Electrical License in Arkansas and Nevada. He has worked closely with Nevada Entergy in providing customers throughout Nevada with lighting retrofits coupled with rebate programs that have helped facilitate power savings and reduction in maintenance cost by removing antiquated lighting systems and installing the latest in energy saving lighting technology. This expertise makes him a perfect fit for M3’s mission of customer savings through energy company incentives.


   Currently residing in Maumelle, AR, Mark graduated from Little Rock Catholic High School, and earned an Associates Degree in Applied Electronics from Arkansas College of Technology ’81.


Director of Logistics

Michelle comes to M3 with a seasoned logistics background honed over decades of experience in diverse fields. She began her career as office manager at Harrison Construction where she learned the fundamentals of running a successful commercial construction business.

She transitioned, in 2011 to being a creative entrepreneur with the founding of M. Harrison Designs, a special events planning company where her organization and managerial skills were sharpened in that dynamic environment. While continuing in this business, she collaborated with other local businesses in Hot Springs to meet their special events planning needs, including Superior Bathhouse Brewery. In 2017, Michelle joined the team at Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium, where all of her experience and skills culminated in directing product development and production, personnel management, and administration.

Her wide range and depth of logistics experience provide M3 a great advantage in our planning and execution of projects and day-to-day business management.


Co-Founder and COO

After 25 years in the Corporate Restaurant Industry, Jean joined the M3 team as Chief Operating Officer.
He focuses on responsibly representing the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and our employee’s growth and development.
As a founding member of M3 Services, his guidance and involvement in the functional and operational development have been key for M3 Services' growth and success. Jean’s principal territory is NWA and Oklahoma.

Jean graduated in 2001 from the University of Arkansas Little Rock with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Law. He lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife Catherine and daughters Sophie and Leah.


Founder and CEO

Retired from the United States Air Force, Alex returned to Hot Springs, Arkansas in 2017 with a mission. His goal was to help infuse the training and mentorship learned in the military into an employee-centric environment. With M3 he has done this.

Finding a market that could grow with Alex’s concept (HVAC energy and air purification) was the first task. In accomplishing this, Alex found eager, hardworking technicians who were looking for a change.
It is this dynamic that has generated the attention of numerous large energy reduction and air purification companies who are excited to team with M3.

Alex is married to Jennifer and has three children and one grandchild.